My Grandad vs The Fangazoo


My Grandad vs The Fangazoo written by RK Alker Childrens Author of Funny Kids Books Fiction Novel Buy It Now 800x1415
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My Grandad vs The Fangazoo – Set sail on this sensational side-splitting Fangazoo island expedition into a world of adventure and monsters!

Overflowing with laugh-out-loud moments and unforgettable characters, this stunning black and white illustrated children’s tale is perfect for readers aged 7+.

Did you enjoy Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park?

…Your kids will love this!

Hidden in the Bermuda Triangle, a volcanic island paradise conceals a prehistoric beast.

An extreme expedition unfolds for sisters Frankie and Charlie when they find the Fangazoo clue in crazy captain Sam’s rhyme.

Their archaeologist grandad has been looking for a dragon his whole life. Can this ageing explorer complete one last BIG adventure with the girls and their cousins?

In secret, the children are whisked off by Grandad on a coming-of-age adventure.

Once they leave Sam’s weird ship, they are plunged into the Fangazoo’s hostile kingdom. As the battle of greed vs love rages, how long before they face the Fangazoo? And, can they escape?

A funny, wonderfully entertaining action-adventure for age 7+.

A beautiful story of old age, adventure and the bond between a grandad and his grandchildren.

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R.K. Alker Children’s Author Writer of My Grandad vs The Fangazoo

RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

R.K. Alker is a Famous, Funny, Celebrity Children’s Author, Grower, Cook, Local Food Evangelist and an injured 999 Emergency Ambulanceman. His love for growing chillies made him the country’s highest profile chilli grower, champion of local producers and star of TV, radio and press.

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