Funny Lockdown Home Haircut

Funny Lockdown Home Haircut – How to Cut Men’s Hair Funny, Quick, Easy, DIY Lockdown Home Haircut Hairstyle Tutorial & Tips (2020)

This top YouTube ranking Funny Lockdown Home Haircut video of how to cut men’s hair in lockdown was shot and produced on a standard mobile phone and is a fun way to involve the children (and a vacuum cleaner!) to cut your husband’s hair at home.

Funny Lockdown Home Haircut Video showing Applause for Keyworkers and NHS staff from RK Alker Children's Author Cook Grower Food Evangelist 999 Ambulanceman of Ecky Thump Digital Local SEO and Website Optimisation
RK Alker Children’s Author & 999 Emergency Ambulanceman from Ecky-Thump Digital fully supports the efforts of every single person from every walk of life in the battle against COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The Funny Lockdown Home Haircut was inspired by the Wayne’s World film hair suck cut scene when Garth got his melon cut with a modified hoover that “sucks while it cuts!”

The YouTube Funny Lockdown Home Haircut Video is Entitled:

How to Cut Men’s Hair Funny, Quick, Easy, DIY Lockdown Home Haircut Hairstyle Tutorial & Tips (2020)

This Funny Lockdown Home Haircut is just fun with the kids and a haircut to boot. It is not really a tutorial and tips, but more of a bit of family fun to cut Daddy’s hair. The video was shot “off the hoof” and produced as bit of fun on a mobile phone.

  • What do you think of my new hairstyle?

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