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FAQs Frequently Asked Question on Social Media Marketing for Ecky-Thump DigitalHere are some answers to frequently asked questions or FAQS on social media marketing.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing at Ecky-Thump Digital


FAQs – How much does social media marketing cost?

We can do it all for you.

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Targeted campaigns with ‘paid ads’ take time and cost more money to run on social media channels.

Start with organic posts and a little paid ad boosting. If one post proves popular convert it to a paid ad and grow into social media marketing from there.


How long does it take to do social media marketing?

Social media marketing and management takes a lot of time to understand the different audiences on each platform and implement a social media marketing strategy.


Why should I use social media?

People are glued to their mobile phones. They spend around a third of their time on social media. If you want to raise your brand awareness raising your social media profile is the number one route in our opinion.


FAQs – What social media platforms should I use?

Start with Facebook, Google and YouTube. They are the top three search engine starting points. The places people go to search for information on the internet.

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FAQs Frequently Asked Question on Social Media Marketing for Ecky-Thump DigitalHow often should I post non self-promotional social media content?

Social media is about people. Humanising your content and showing that you are just a person, like them, is a component of any strategy. The rest of that strategy is posting industry-related content, ‘real-time’ photos and video, and content generated from users on a regular basis.


How can I schedule social media posts?

Creating a batch or breadcrumb trail of posts is a good strategy. This can be done in advance, but some platforms require ‘real-time’ posting such as LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.


FAQs – Can I delete bad social media reviews or comments?

YES, you can delete comments on:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest


NO, you cannot delete comments on:

  • Twitter

But, you can delete the post if you need to and restrict specific words and profanity.


FAQs – What is the difference between a social media post and an ad?

  • A post is shared content for your followers to see known as ‘organically’ sharing.
  • An ad is a ‘paid’ post to target an audience outside of your followers based on follower groups or demographics and interests.

Most social media platforms limit the number of followers that organically view your business content.

For a wider potential reach, promoting via ‘paid ads’ is an important part of any strategy.

If a post performs well organically, make it an ad – promote or boost it too for a greater reach.


FAQs – What ad campaigns could I run on social media?

  • Facebook & Instagram – A post can simply be boosted or we create a more targeted ads campaign.
  • Twitter – Promote existing posts and use more focussed campaigns.
  • LinkedIn – Sponsor a post from your page, target industry professionals with industry-specific blogs or engage in an ads campaign.
  • Pinterest – Promote a Pin.


FAQs Frequently Asked Question on Social Media Marketing for Ecky-Thump DigitalWho uses Facebook?

Facebook is a mixed bag. Some statistics mention that age group 18-49 years use Facebook the most and women check their Facebook feeds more than men.


Who uses Twitter?

Twitter is used to keep up with brands, news and trending topics. Age group 18-29 years are heavy users and men use it more often than women.


Who uses Instagram?

Photo and videos are the key post materials. Age group under 35 years use Instagram and there are more women than men using it.


Who uses Pinterest?

Pinterest is visual like Instagram. Age group 18-64 years can be found here and women use Pinterest more than men.


Who Uses Snapchat?

Snapchat is visual with short video clips and Snapchat ads. Age group 18-34 years use Snapchat and some users are under 18 years of age.


Who Uses YouTube?

Video is the norm these days and YouTube is one of the BIG 3 for searching on the internet, powered by Google. Do not ignore YouTube. YouTube’s audience is wide. Age group 18-49 years use YouTube.


Do I need subtitles or words in captions on videos?

Around 85% of videos on Facebook are used without any sound, on mute. So adding words in captions or closed captioning is worth the time and effort, then people can follow, even on mute.


FAQs – Should I use Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business (GMB) is a key Google search engine listing tool, another online shop, a directory listing, location, map, hours of business, images and video listing, telephone and even messaging – YES, always, always register for Google My Business.


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