Ecky Thump

What is ecky thump? What does it mean? Where is it from?

Definition of Ecky Thump

The phrase originates from northern England. In the Lancashire dialect it is used to exclaim pleasure or surprise.

For example: “ecky thump love that were a reet good chilli black pudding!”


Ecky-Thump’s Founder Knows About Social Media and Stardom

In Rich’s former starstruck TV and Radio days as The Chilli Man from Little Green Men, when he shot to stardom using a clever mix of PR, social media, blogging and web ranking (with a little help from the media!), he had some chilli black puddings made by Andy from The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company.


Showing the exclamation Ecky Thump in Lancashire with Ecky-Thump Digital Social Media MarketingEcky-Thump Digital – Social Media Marketing

In the search to publish his funny children’s fiction books, Rich or R.K. Alker Author reengaged his PR, digital and social media skills to rank the RK Alker Author website on the top of Google for many search terms and boost his social media following.


High Ranking Digital and Social Media Skills

Rich realised that his very useful mix of digital social media skills was highly sought after by Lancashire businesses – and as he searched for a business name, this domain he had owned many years ago, gripped his imagination and funny bone.

The exclamation is Lancastrian, but cannot be uttered without a thick vein of comedy genius running through it, thanks to The Goodies on BBC.


Ecky Thump Goodies

Kung Fu Kapers by The Goodies is legendary. The Goodies sketch about the Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump using black puddings as a weapon in a secretive martial art takes pride of place in Rich’s memories as a child growing up in Lancashire. To this day R.K. Alker Author remembers falling about laughing at the Kung Fu Kapers sketch.


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Which is not to be confused with Icky Thump by White Stripes.